Lake Sentarum Festival is scheduled to be held on Oct 25-27, 2019, in Kapuas Hulu Regency, West Kalimantan Province. The festival will feature the local scenery of the lake in addition to the traditional arts, culture, and local wisdom of the people of Kapuas Hulu. The festival will also be enlivened by a number of side events, including Lake Sentarum expo, ethical music festival, and a tour of Lake Sentarum by traditional boats. 

In addition to the adat rituals, performances of traditional dances, culture, and local wisdom will also be featured. Tourists and visitors will also be encouraged to visit the Betung Kerihun National Park, Tekenang Hill located in the middle of Lake Sentarum, and Tanjung Lokang, which is a village of the Dayak Punan tribe where many ancient caves are found. The organizing committee has invited officials of the Indonesian Government and from Malaysia to partake in the festival and create lasting memories.

The Danau Sentarum National Park  is representative of lake wetland ecosystem, freshwater swamp forest and tropical rain forest in Borneo. This area was declared as a national park in 1999, covering 132,000 hectares. The park is located in the upper Kapuas district, which declared itself a conservation district in 2003.

This superb seasonal wetland is a haven for photographers and one of West Kalimantan’s most popular national parks. Some 4m to 6m of rainfall each year causes water levels to fluctuate by up to 12m – higher than a three-storey building. As the water recedes, the lake’s 240 fish species are funnelled into narrowing channels, where they must contend with 800km of gill net, 20,000 traps and 500,000 hooks placed by fishers occupying 20 villages, who haul out as much as 13,000 tonnes of fish a year. Meanwhile 237 bird and 143 mammal species inhabit the 1320 sq km of peat swamp, lowland forest and seasonal grassland.